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Harris County: Layers on Layers of Bureaucracy

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“We must raise taxes so the public education system can survive! It’s for the children!” – is an all-too-common rationale heard screeching from government entities across the nation, lately. Last year, San Antonio mayor Julian Castro proposed a plan to create a new layer of educational bureaucracy by increasing the local sales tax to “educate…

The Void of Conservative Leadership

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Expecting bold leadership from your state legislators this session? Don’t get your hopes up. If the first 80 days have been any indication, lawmakers are more interested in maintaining the status quo with bigger government than enacting commonsense conservative policy reforms. Apparently even most Republicans can’t avoid the temptation of spending other people’s money when…

Stupidity Isn’t Bravery

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Oppose New Taxes! Well, that didn’t take long. The new chairman of the House Public Education Committee, a close ally of moderate Speaker Joe Straus, said today he wants to raise Texans’ taxes. He called it “bravery.” Texans call it something else. One has to wonder why State Rep. Jimmie Don Aycock, the chairman of…

The Curse of Low Expectations

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On Friday, State Rep. Tim Kleinschmidt (R – Lexington) announced his intention to again vote for Rep. Joe Straus as House Speaker this upcoming session, reiterating the tired and debunked rhetoric that the House had a truly conservative session under his watch in 2011. In an announcement via his Facebook Page on Friday afternoon (when…

Central Texas Schools Consider Tax Hikes

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Pencils? Check. Backpack? Check. Tax hikes? If school districts in central Texas get their wish, parents will be adding higher taxes to their cost of sending their children back to school. And to help their cause, local educrats are pushing for ratification elections in September and October – when voter turnout is virtually non-existent.<!–more–> As…

Attention Hutto Taxpayers

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Attention Hutto taxpayers: before signing off on a massive property tax hike at the whims of your school district, consider just how poorly Hutto ISD has been spending your money over the past decade.

When an Increase is a Cut

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For more than thirty years, official education policy has been “more money means better education.” And taxpayers have dutifully increased spending by a whopping percentage; per pupil spending on public education has doubled just over the last decade.

Congratulations Dripping Springs!

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Congratulations, Dripping springs! You stood up to the big spenders in your local school district that wanted to raise your taxes to the maximum allowed by law. By rejecting that idea by a 3-1 margin, you are an example to all the edu-crats looking to continue haphazardly spending taxpayer’s money.

Local Government Metrics Explanation

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