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Posts by Andrew Kerr

Andrew Kerr was the executive director of Empower Texans / Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, coordinating its legislative and political education activities.

Evaporating Commitments

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Despite widespread commitment from Republicans during last year’s election cycle to ‘preserve a strong Rainy Day Fund’ as part of the conservative Texas Budget Compact, only 15 representatives put their legislative votes where their political mouths were months before. During debate on HB 4 this week, a boondoggle debt-funding mechanism purportedly to kick start the…

Larry Gonzales: ‘Good’ Freshmen Will Join the Borg

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We warned incoming legislators back in October about the pressure from incumbents to give up resistance to the Austin political Borg. The first tangible example comes from State Rep. Larry Gonzales, who this week belittled freshmen conservatives over their belief that Texas has a spending problem. He wants them to believe more money is needed…

Political Reality

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On the heels of an active (and exhaustively long) primary season and approaching the 83rd legislative session, incoming legislators can expect to receive a great deal of “advice” from pundits and current lawmakers regarding the “political reality” they face as elected officials. Unfortunately, much of what passes for “advice” from these insiders is actually a…

Chisum Goes For A Taxer

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It’s sad to see State Rep. Warren Chisum ending his career in public service by supporting a self-admitted tax-raiser. But then, Mr. Chisum has spent too much of his time in public office cavorting with big-spenders and high-taxers.

Sapp’s Inconvenient Tax

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At a recent Tarrant County candidate forum, state house candidate Ken Sapp categorically denied supporting a gas-taxing boondoggle.  Too bad for Sapp that facts stand in his way. City records show him voting to go along with the scam.

Battle Lines Are Clear in Runoffs

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You can learn a good deal about someone by the company they keep.  This maxim is especially valuable in a Republican primary where every candidate will tell you they are as conservative as Ronald Reagan. In this summer’s primary runoffs conservative voters benefit from the fact that local and statewide conservatives have been discerning –…

Double-Talkin’ Thombs

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Most elected officials wait until they get to Austin to break the campaign promises they made to their constituents, but not Lady Theresa Thombs.  Her style of campaigning is sadly what too many Texans have come to expect from politicians: saying one thing while doing another.

Establishment Bona Fides

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A new group is purporting to rate lawmakers as conservatives, yet their results are surprising. As the Dallas Morning News noted, “establishment Republicans” who vote badly can claim a conservative rating. It signals the strength of the conservative movement in Texas that philosophically weak legislators are looking for help covering up their representational records.

Local Government Metrics Explanation

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